Dirty Knobs – May 23, 2015 Soho Santa Barbara, CA

Dirty Knobs – May 23, 2015 Soho Santa Barbara, CA
By Andy Goldfinger

Tonight marked what was the unofficial beginning of The Dirty Knobs summer 2015 tour, their first real tour ever.   Without a doubt the only place to start is their favorite place to play, the Soho in Santa Barbara. If you have never been to Soho put it on your list of venues to see a show. Excellent ambiance, bar and all the amenities, even a killer patio, and with newly renovated stage. Sadly there is a design flaw in the new stage and that is there are 4 small steps in the front of the stage. This was clearly an oversight as when the end of the evening was approaching and the alcohol had been flowing inevitably there were wanderers, and a couple did wander up. Luckily they left the stage before Chinner permanently disposed of them.

It turned out to be a classic Dirty Knobs evening, complete with several shout outs to “Dan the Pool Man” more than the usual customary shout out, but with the wives not in attendance things were a bit looser for sure. As Gator announced that the upcoming song “Don’t Jerk My Johnson”, a new song written for longtime manager and stage impresario Chinner, was part of the Penis trilogy, as was the “Don’t Choke My Chicken”.

They played several new songs all of which are just smoking with that sound that only the Knobs can bring. The evening also saw some vocalizations by drummer Swampfox who Gator dubbed as the best singer in the bunch. The evening also saw Ape play one of his songs with the band. IT was a raucous crowd with many spilling out onto the patio.

The tour picks up June 10th in Santa Cruz at Moe’s Alley, and then continues up to Marin on the 11th, The Sweetwater in Mill Valley the 12th and then concluding at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach.